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TOUCAN™ scooters are usually called a push scooter or kick scooter. They are available in many sizes and the 16", 20" and 26/20" make excellent dog scooters. The scooters are available with 12" wheels which is suitable for children all the way up to 26" wheel size which is perfect for adults.

All the TOUCAN™ scooters come with spoke wheels and tube tires for smooth rolling, stability, safety and comfort. They also have both front and rear wheel brakes for quick stops and are equipped with a convenient kickstand. The spoke wheels supplied with the Toucan scooters are preferable to the plastic (mag) wheels as supplied on some other scooters as the brakes work better on metal wheels, the spokes can be adjusted for a better ride and the wheel bearings are longer lasting.

Scooters are great for having fun and will provide enjoyment for a long time. They are far easier to use than a skateboard and are a great way to learn how to balance. Recently a new sport has emerged called dog scootering. Both the rider and the dog(s) really love it.

Assembly is fairly easy although we recommend that a qualified service technician verify that the scooter is ready for use.

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